A cookbook dedicated to food….at a college?  Yes, that’s right.  Lobster bisque. London broil.  Crème brulee. These are just a few examples of the insanely delicious foods found at West End Market on the campus of Virginia Tech. Downtown Blacksburg features many restaurants that have been able to sustain their popularity for DECADES.   Newer establishments have introduced trendy cuisine to this unassuming Southern town.
The stories behind many of these restaurants are nothing short of inspiring.  One particular chef/owner featured in the book is a recent transplant from France where he was literally raised in a bakery.  In awe of how this chef wound up choosing Blacksburg for his next culinary adventure, we dug a little deeper to find out the “why”behind the decision.   At the end of our conversation he smiled and said... 

            "I (expletive) LOVE THIS PLACE!"

Stay tuned for more details on “A Taste of Virginia Tech,” a compilation of your favorite recipes from Hokie Nation (yes, that includes West End, Tailgating at Football Games, and your favorite dishes from around Blacksburg). Written and photographed by Krista Gallagher and Kris Schoels.